COVID-19 has affected millions, myself included. I have taken a 50% pay cut and am employed on a month to month basis moving forward. Don’t get me wrong, I am grateful to still have a job and the skills to subsidize my income through freelance work. I have been thinking about creating an online platform to sell beautifully made handcrafted items for some time now and COVID has been the push I really needed to close my eyes and dive right in.

Not only is this a way to help myself feed my family but to help fellow creatives and the locals in my area feed theirs while giving back to those most affected in my neighbouring informal settlement of Malatjie.

Everything you see in this shop is handmade by talented local folks and made available to you to purchase from the comfort and safety of your home. For every purchase made I will donate R20.00 to my local feeding scheme at the Malatjie Informal Settlement. If there was ever a time to pull together as a community it is now.

ABOUT ME – Jess, the woman, wife and momma behind Harry & Her.

Gary and I met at a club we used to frequent when we were in our last year of high school – I know, I know… but in all fairness, eighteen years down the line and we’re still crazy about each other. We were friends for about six months before things shifted when one night I offered to buy him a pie and Tropica if he walked with me to the convenience store – his pie crumbled as we walked back eating and chatting and I got the uncontrollable giggles. The next weekend Gary kissed me. We moved in together three years later and married one another on the tenth anniversary of that fateful kiss.

Two months after our wedding we packed up our house and move across the country from Johannesburg to Durban and embarked on our greatest adventure to date – becoming parents. Lila Bear was born in June the following year.

Durban was an exceptional experience, we learnt a whole lot from it. We had time to grow together as our tight-knit little family unit because the only real family we had down there was my brother Ky. It taught us that it takes about three years to settle into a new place and feel at home, make friends, find a community and so on. It was a crash course for Gary on how to set up an entire group of offices from empty spaces with no infrastructure to thriving and buzzing environments with trained staff. But most importantly how to be an exceptional leader, all the while carrying off the most awe-inspiring juggling act of husband, new dad and best friend.

Durban also taught us that’s it’s okay to try something out and decide it’s not for you and change direction. Durbs for me is a great little town, real small community vibes and exceptional scenery but living there was not working for us. We looked at one another one day and said: “should we go home?” – the answer was a resounding yes from both of us, so we did just that and came home…

Not a year later Gary was offered the adventure and career opportunity of a lifetime and here we are at the precipice and stuck in limbo all at the same time due to the global pandemic. I feel grateful we are where we are to ride this thing out but man does it suck at the same time. Like, one minute you’re headed so firmly in one direction and the next thing you know it’s, BOOM! Shelter where you stand.

Gary is a Financial Recruitment Specialist and Branch Manager for a company he had a hand in building over the past ten years. He loves horticulture, making music and is an exceptional photo taker.

I am a creative and demon administrator. I work in Aviation and have done since I left school. I freelance making cool stuff for folks who like what I do. I love reading in my downtime and am a massive HP fangirl (even though I do not agree with JK’s views on Transgender folks).

Lila Bear is a total little mother, just like I was, but way girlier and still tomboyish at the same time. You’ll find her up a tree in her Elsa dress with a baby (doll) strapped to her chest most afternoons. She cares deeply for all things and loves a dance party but most of all she loves us, which is the freakin’ best (please don’t change!).

Sophie Alexander is her best friend and our crazy cool doggo. We love her a whole lot.